Our company is Miami’s Leading Authorized Rainbow® System Distributor. We've helping families breathe easy in Miami for over 23 years.

Miami Rainbow System's journey actually began in Chicago, IL in 1987. We started out as part-time sales and marketing representatives and quickly learned the business. We fell in love with the Rainbow machine as we witnessed how its capacity to truly clean indoor air can be life changing. Our passion became the machine and the opportunity to share the business with others. Eventually, the freezing winter temperatures became unbearable and we moved to Miami. Rainbow was relatively unknown product in Miami at that time and we were able to join forces with a team just starting out here.

We opened the doors to our own distribution in 1994 and have become a staple in the Miami community. Since then, we have been able to share the Rainbow opportunity in big ways. We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of individuals in Miami provide financial security for themselves and their families throughout the years. We're always ready to share the Rainbow Opportunity.

Our top customer service and sales has repeatedly earned us awards and trips around the world - below you can see some of our team traveling for free because of Rainbow!



Monday-Friday 11am-8pm
Saturday 9am-2pm


10250 SW 56th St, #B102
Miami, FL 33165

It is important to us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us both personally and professionally. Therefore, our philosophy is based on trust - we only sell authentic parts and supplies.

BUYER BEWARE: Do not make the mistake of purchasing your Rainbow from an unauthorized retailer.

When you purchase a Rainbow, you are buying many years of product development, continuous improvement and ingenuity. Plus, your Rainbow is supported by Rexair LLC and by your local Independent Authorized Rainbow Distributor. Only an Authorized Rainbow Distributor/Dealer can sell and support an authentic Rainbow.